Jehovah Koh | Poumai Christian Song

Jehovah Koh | Poumai Christian Song

Jehovah koh Pai sii luthe
Deiki deikho hiilai hi
Teidei deiphao hiilai hizii
Deiphao hai puvei khaibai
Halu hoyu puvei soure

Puh vei teile nghei vere
Teile hare
Teideiphao puvei soulai
Sou khai tilai
Tethaizii akhai halai
Akhai hazii sou-a hiilai

Mah hini khai Lu papeiyu
Koh hai mai hiilai sii Luo
Bass- Mai hiilaini sii lutheo
Thai hinu ngheishu lure
Raki buh puh vei sou lure

Ve Mai peini veyu mapao
Hali soulusii mapao
Deiphao Mai mah khai luvei
Deiphao Mai ludu houvei
Raki kikhu houveire

Jehovah Koh | Poumai Christian Song | Rokhopfii Gospel Harmony

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