Name of All Majesty | Christian Hymn

Name of All Majesty | Christian Hymn

Song written by:
Original in English: Timothy Dudley-Smith OBE (December 26, 1926-, Manchester, England, UK)

Name of all majesty
Fathomless mystery
King of the ages
By angels adored
Power and authority
Splendor and dignity
Bow to His mastery
Jesus is Lord

Child of our destiny
God from eternity
Love of the Father
On sinners outpoured
See now what God has done
Sending His only Son
Christ the beloved One
Jesus is Lord

Saviour of Calvary
Costliest victory
Darkness defeated
And Eden restored
Born as a man to die
Nailed to a cross on high
Cold in the grave to lie
Jesus is Lord

Source of all sovereignty
Light immortality
Life everlasting
And heaven assured
So with the ransomed we
Praise Him eternally
Christ in His majesty
Jesus is Lord

©1984 Hope Publishing Company

Name of All Majesty | Christian Hymn | Countryside Bible Church, Southlake, Texas, USA

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